How the 2428 SLT solved the width and lift capacity dilemma


Designing the Future of Landscaping with an Ultra-Compact Wheel Loader

David Font Design is an award-winning landscape architecture and interior design firm headquartered in Coral Springs, Fla. They specialize in master planning, planting and hardscape design, pool and water feature design, green roof, balcony and terrace design, and more.

David Font Design was tasked by contractors and clients with solving one of the most cost-prohibitive problems in the construction and landscape design world – adequately balancing heavy lifting requirements with size and weight limitations, and the need for machinery with a minimal footprint.

This is how Schaffer’s 2428SLT proved to be the perfect solution.

Having a machine that can fit through tighter spots, yet lift much more weight than other equipment, is a true advantage in the industry. We’re providing solutions that no one else can.

– David Font, CEO of David Font Design and DFD Loaders


Prior to discovering Schaffer ultra-compact loaders, residential and high-rise design projects posed a special challenge. Available machines with the lifting capacity needed to transport pallets and mature greenery were far too wide to pass through standard 36’ or 48’ inch gate openings – and much too heavy for safe use on elevated pool decks in high rise projects. Contractors working with David Font Design would often need to employ labor-intensive and costly workarounds. For instance, moving trees and pavers pallets into a fenced backyard would require removing and replacing sections of fence, or in the case of high-rise property, renting a crane to lift pallets in from above.

Additionally, many contractors noted that, even in the absence of size-restrictions, many loaders on the market were still cost-prohibitive because of their large footprint and the resulting expenses from regrading and re-soding damaged backyards.


Massive Advantages in a Compact Form Factor

"There was simply no machine on the American market small enough to fit through most conventional 36" gates, that could lift more than 3,000 pounds”, says founder David Font. After searching India, China, Italy, Finland, Australia, and Germany for a machine that would fit through a 36’ inch gate and lift at least 3,000 pounds, they happened upon Schäffer.

Schäffer presented a solution no other comparable model could come close to matching – the 2428 SLT, a 35" wide loader sized to clear most residential fence gates with tipping load greater than that of any other comparable loader on the market – 3,417 pounds.


Nearly immediately after acquiring the 2428 SLT, DFD undertook a residential project where a dozen large coconut trees needed to be moved through a 36’ inch gate, down a narrow 48’inch wide path between a sea wall and the house to reach the background.

The difference was notable immediately. Their contractors ultimately saved themselves the cost of abarge and crane – the only imaginable workaround prior to the 2428 SLT - which would have totaled upwards of $10,000.

As a long-term investment, the 2428 also has lower operating and maintenance costs than a traditional skid steer loader, and comes with fewer liability risks, as it is easier for workers to learn and operate.

Founder David Font was so impressed by the potential cost-effectives of an ultra-compact loader in the landscaping industry, he partnered with Schäffer to form the distribution company DFD Loaders – now the exclusive USA importer and distributor of Schäffer construction equipment in the US. “[DFD Loader’s] partnership with Schäffer as the exclusive US distributor of their construction wheel loaders is particularly befitting, given both companies' commitment and passion for superior quality and unparalleled service”, he explains.

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